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Psychological Consultation and Assessment

Kinark offers a range of psychological consultations and assessments for children and youth between the ages of two and 18. A psychological assessment is used to evaluate a child or youth’s development, thinking, learning, emotions, behaviour and/or day-to-day functioning.

Our assessments include a combination of clinical interviewing, observation, direct testing, and standardized tests and questionnaires. Some portions of an assessment require in-person testing while other portions are done via telehealth and online questionnaires. Following the assessment, our psychologist will review the results with you and a written report will be provided.

The information gathered through assessments helps to support children, youth and their families in making informed decisions and to better advocate in health care, school, and community settings.

The following assessments are available:

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment

This comprehensive diagnostic assessment will evaluate your child’s social communication skills and restrictive, repetitive behaviours utilizing the ADOS-2, a gold standard measure to assess symptoms of autism. In addition to the diagnosis, recommendations for appropriate services for your child or youth will be provided, such as ABA-based services, Speech-Language and/or Occupational therapy, learning accommodations, counselling/mental health intervention, and other services to meet the needs of your child and family.

  • Assessment time and modality (i.e. in-person or via telehealth) will vary based on age
  • For children under five, evaluation time is around three to four hours
  • For children over five, evaluation time can vary and may need to involve psychoeducational and/or socio-emotional testing

Cost: $1800-4600. Costs vary depending on age and complexity of each case. Please contact our Service Representative for your free consultation at 1-800-283-3377 ext. 3440 or please request a free consultation by clicking here.

2. Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessments

These assessments evaluate your child or youth’s verbal and non-verbal abilities, developmental level, and the level at which they are independently performing day-to-day skills in areas such as communication, self-help, and socialization.

If applicable, we offer assessments of your child’s academic skills to gain insight on their areas of need and to help determine appropriate services, educational placements, and learning accommodations.

  • Involves three to 10 hours of assessment
  • Available for children and youth aged two to 18

Cost: $2400-3600. Costs vary depending on the complexity of each case. Please contact our Service Representative for your free consultation at 1-800-283-3377 ext. 3440 or please request a free consultation by clicking here.

If you require assistance navigating our Psychological Consultation and Assessment services or would like more information, please contact our Service Representative at 1-800-283-3377 ext. 3440 or email autisminfo@kinark.on.caPsychological Consultation and Assessment costs may be eligible for reimbursement through some private insurance providers. Please speak with our Service Representative for more information.

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