Available Services

Psychological and Behavioural Assessments

Assessment services include behavioural and psychological assessments. Assessments could include all or some of the following components:

  • A combination of clinical interviewing, clinical observation, direct testing, and the use of standardized tests and questionnaires
  • Information gathered through assessments helps empower clients and their families to make informed treatment decisions and to better advocate in health care, school, and community settings
  • Available to children and youth ages 2-18

 The following assessments can be provided. Please note: some of these can be combined to make for a more extensive, multi-disciplinary assessment.

This comprehensive diagnostic assessment utilizes the ADOS-2, a gold-standard measure to assess symptoms of ASD. This assessment will evaluate your child’s social communication skills and restrictive repetitive behaviours. In addition to the diagnosis, recommendations for appropriate services for your child or youth will be provided such as ABA-based services, Speech-Language and/or Occupational therapy, learning accommodations, counselling/mental health intervention, and other services to meet the needs of your child and family.
  • Assessment time will vary based on age
  • For children under 5, evaluation time is around 3 hours
  • For children over 5, evaluation time can vary and may involve a full mental health assessment, depending on the presenting concerns.
  • Includes interviews, testing with the child, feedback and rating scales
A comprehensive Mental Health Assessment can be completed to evaluate your child’s socio-emotional functioning and mental health concerns. These psycho-diagnostic assessments provide a framework to understand psychological symptoms, challenges, and strengths in order to help identify or clarify mental health diagnoses (e.g., depression, anxiety), to guide treatment planning, and/or to assist in accommodations in school.
  • Involves 8-14 hours of testing (including interviews, testing with the child, feedback and rating scales)
  • For children ages 7-18
These assessments will evaluate the child or youth's verbal and nonverbal abilities, developmental level, and the level at which they are independently performing day-to-day skills in areas such as communication, self-help, and socialization. If applicable, we offer assessments of your child's academic skills in order to gain insight about their areas of need and to help determine appropriate services, educational placements, and learning accommodations.
  • Involves 3-10 hours of assessment (including interviews, testing with the child, feedback and rating scales)
  • For children ages 2-18
This assessment is used to identify the reasons a challenging behaviour is occurring in order to develop strategies to reduce the behaviour of concern and teach more appropriate behaviour.
  • This may involve a single or multiple appointments and will be customized depending on the particular behaviour of concern
  • When possible, this assessment is best completed in the environment (i.e., school, home, centre, community) where the challenging behaviours occur, but could be conducted at a Kinark location
This assessment involves evaluation of strengths and needs across developmental domains (e.g., language/communication; social and play skills; visual performance; self-care/independence; school readiness; safety; etc.)
  • Approximately a 3-hour in-office assessment
  • You will be provided with on-the-spot recommendations and a summary report following the assessment