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How do I open documents from Kinark?

You would have received a password at the beginning of service. Please keep that password in a safe and accessible place. Any document with personal information, such as you/your child’s name, birth date, or address, must be password-protected to ensure confidentiality. If you need help with your password, please reach out to a member of the groups team who will be able to help you.

What does the sample group session look like?

The sample group session has, on average, 4 – 6 participants. During the sample group session, you will meet one of our group facilitators who will engage the participants in a few sample activities from our groups. Please note that participants in this session may not be in your final group. Based on this meeting, we match participants based on their age, skills, and goals.

My child is not aware of their diagnosis; will this be discussed during the group?

Facilitators will not discuss diagnoses during the group and our participant session resources/ PowerPoints will not include references to any diagnoses. If another participant brings this up, this will be out of the facilitators’ control; however, facilitators are usually able to redirect these discussions quickly.

I’m looking for a group/ location/ schedule that’s not currently offered.

We are always looking to expand our services! If you’re looking for a service that’s not currently being offered, please complete an interest form and let us know what you’re looking for!

When will I receive my invoice? Why is the invoice only provided after the end of group services? Can I get it earlier?

After the final session of your group, Kinark will send you an invoice. It will include the name of the participant, dates of the group ABA service provided, total cost of services, and the clinician’s name and BCBA number. This invoice includes all the information requested by AccessOAP if you will be reconciling funds through OAP Core Clinical services funding.

The invoice includes all the information requested by AccessOAP for families who will be reconciling funds through OAP Core Clinical services funding. AccessOAP can only approve expenses for services that have already been delivered. For this reason, we only provide this invoice after the final group session is completed.

Help! The clinician listed on my invoice is not on the OAP Provider List!

If the clinician is not on the OAP Providers List, an OAP Attestation form will need to be submitted to the OAP along with your invoice. If this is the case, we will provide you with an OAP Attestation form prior to the start of group.
Some clinicians may be on the OAP Providers List but may not yet appear on the AccessOAP drop down menu. If this is the case, please select the “Other” option and input the provider’s information.

I have/my child has already joined a group. What do I need to do if I want to enroll them in another group the next term?

Please reach out to your group facilitator or any member of the groups team and we will be happy to register you!

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