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Connections for Students (CFS) is a collaborative approach to improving transitions for school-aged children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This service is offered to support a child’s individualized needs through brief targeted consultative services that support the successful transition of a student with ASD into and/or within the publicly funded school system.

CFS support is time-limited and may range from three to 12 months. During CFS, an ASD consultant will work collaboratively with caregivers, school staff, community service providers, and the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) service provider (if applicable) to identify transition goals, implement behavioural strategies, and collect data to monitor the child’s progress.    

  Reasons for referral to access CFS may include: 

  • A transition from OAP service provider settings into a publicly funded school board 
  • Challenges associated with change in schools, school board, educational supports and/or placement 
  • School support needs identified but not eligible for the Entry to School program 

To access CFS, children need to be registered in the OAP and registered with a publicly funded school board. CFS requires the consent of the caregiver and, in some cases, may require the consent of the child’s school board.  Get started by completing the referral form below.

CFS Referral Form

Information Collection Notice: This intake form is used to determine clinician assignment, suitability of service, and prepare for our initial contact with you.

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