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Newly Diagnosed with Autism

If you are a family who has recently received an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis for your child and you are interested in Kinark Autism Services, this section can help you determine what is best suited for your child’s unique needs.

Has your child recently received a diagnosis of ASD? We understand this can be overwhelming, and the information and suggested services may feel difficult to navigate.

Our team is here to help! At Kinark, we can help you with first steps as well as helping you find and access community resources and other supports. We offer a host of services that can help you better understand your child’s needs and choose appropriate interventions. 

We also offer a large range of evidenced-based training and information sessions, as well as support groups to help you feel better informed and equipped in taking the steps helpful for your family.

Our team has compiled various resources to help support your family through your recent diagnosis: 

Kinark Autism Services Resources:

Funding Sources: 

Additional Resources:

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