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Kinark Kreates

Kinark Kreates is a series of engaging and educational  videos created with the help of Kinark Autism Services staff. These free videos include a variety of topics that are both educational and entertaining to support child and youth development and provide for a fun and interactive experience.  Check back weekly for new videos!

Going to the Dentist

A dentist visit can be challenging for everyone but it is important to go to keep our teeth clean! This video shares an overview of a visit to the dentist and how to stay safe and calm. Please note that individual experiences at the dentist may vary.

Recycle Puppet Show

Join Shelly and Wally for a fun puppet show where you will learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle! We all have to do our part to help keep the earth safe and clean.

Looking for previous Kinark Kreates videos? View our full list below:

Parent Resources

Independent Activity Schedule

Description: Does your child struggle to finish school assignments or play independently without constant reminders to stay on task? An independent activity schedule is a great tool that can help your child become more independent during unstructured times. In this short video, you will learn what an independent activity schedule is and how you can create and use one with your child.

Healthy Snacks

Description: Are you tired of sitting in front of your TV and eating away all those junkies? Well here’s a fun, interactive video on how to make a cute and healthy snack! Ants on a Log! Remember to always ask an adult for help when using a knife.

Transitioning to School

Description: Transitions can sometimes be challenging for children, especially when this school year may look quite different. In this video, you will learn four tips to help support your child’s transition to school this September.

First Then Board

Description: First-then boards are visual tools that help introduce your child to new tasks and activities, and increase their motivation to complete tasks they may not like or find difficult. In this video, you learn how to create and use a first-then board with your child.

Least-to-Most Prompting

Description: Prompting is essential to teaching your child new skills. Least-to-most prompting is one method of prompting suited to facilitate your child’s independence. Learn how least-to-most prompting works and how to use it to teach your child in this Kinark Kreates video.

DIY Sensory Bags

Description: Sensory bags are so fun to play with! This video will show you how to make three different DIY sensory bags. Remember to always ask an adult for help when using scissors.

DIY Visual Schedules

Description: Visual schedules are great tools for assisting children with following routines and increasing their independence. This video will show you how to create and use a visual schedule with your child.

Educational Videos for Children and Youth

Learning Body Parts

Description: Join our Oak Ridges team as we learn about different body parts with our Mr. Potato Head activity. Sing along as we find our head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Washing Your Hands

Description: During this time it is very important that we always keep our hands clean. Here is a quick video teaching us how to wash our hands, so get your soap and sanitizer ready to wash away all our germ buddies!

Wearing a Mask

Description: Right now it is very important we wear a mask every time we leave our house. Join me in wearing a mask together and helping the world!

Please and Thank You

Description: When you say please and thank you it shows that you are being kind and polite. Watch our skit to learn why it is important to say please and thank you to others!

Brushing Your Teeth

Description: Today we are going to learn to brush our teeth! Get your toothbrush and toothpaste ready so you can keep your smile bright.


Description: Everyone experiences different emotions. Let’s talk about the different emotions, and learn the ways someone may feel and how we know what they’re feeling.

How to Share and Take Turns

Description: Playing with friends is a lot more fun when we can share our favourite toys and take turns together! In this video we learn how to share and take turns with others.

Coronavirus Social Story

Description: This social story describes what the coronavirus is and how it affects going back to school this year. You will learn how to stay safe during this time and the changes you might see in the school system.


Description: Short and tall, big and small. These are all opposites! Let’s learn about the different kinds of opposites we see every day.

Road Safety

Road safety is very important! You must check the colour of the light and always remember to look left and right before crossing the street. Watch this video to learn about road safety!

Packing Your Backpack

We’re back in school! How fun? You probably have a lot of cool items to pack into your backpack each day. Join us and learn how to pack your backpack!


Description: Let’s talk about colours! Shout out the answers as our Oak Ridges team teaches us about different colours through fun games!

Holidays Around the World

Description: There are many different holidays celebrated around the world! This video shares four religious and cultural holidays celebrated by some of the staff at Kinark Autism Services.

Taking Care of Your Pets

Do you have a furry friend at home? Watch this video to learn tips on how to help take care of your pet! You will learn how to be gentle, brush their fur, help feed and exercise them and more.

Months and Days

This video teaches you about the months of the year and the days of the week. Watch the video to learn a couple of fun songs to help you remember them!

Tying Your Shoes

Tying shoelaces can be very tricky! You want to make sure they are tied so you don’t trip over them. This video shows you a step by step on how to tie your shoes.

The Five Senses

Let’s talk about the five senses we use every day! We use our eyes to see, nose to smell, tongue to taste, ears to hear, and skin to touch and feel.

The Weather and Four Seasons

The weather changes every day and every season. Let’s learn about how we can describe the weather outside and what clothes to wear during each season!

Arts, Crafts & DIY

Arctic Animal Crafts: Part 1

Get ready for some fun arctic animal crafts! Winter is super cold but there are some animals who love it! In this episode, you will learn how to make a snowy owl and a walrus. Remember that adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Arctic Animal Crafts: Part 2

Description: Welcome back to part two of arctic animal crafts! In this episode, you will learn how to make a fluffy baby seal. Remember that adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Moon Dough

Description: Learn to make a new sensory activity using simple ingredients from around the home! In this video, we make Moon Dough using flour, oil, and food colouring.

Arts & Crafts

Description: Let’s get a little messy with some finger painting! Grab a piece of paper, paint, a bucket of water and paper towels. Find a comfortable space where you feel free to explore your creativity!

Butterfly Craft

Description: Are you ready for an exciting craft? Today we are going to make a beautiful butterfly! Grab your markers, paper, glue, scissors, a pipe cleaner, a paper clip and a toilet paper roll. Remember to always ask an adult for help when using scissors.

Counting Crafts

Description: Let’s make some fun crafts while learning how to count! Join us while we make some beautiful flowers in our counting pedals craft and squiggly counting caterpillar craft.

Rain Cloud Craft

Description: Are you looking for a quick and fun craft idea while at home? Join us in making a cool rain cloud! All you need is shaving cream, blue food colouring, and a cup of water. Adult supervision is always required to ensure shaving cream is not ingested.

Rainbow Craft

Description: Let’s talk about the six colours of the rainbow! Grab your markers, two cups of water and paper towel and join us in making a colourful rainbow craft together!

Flower Craft with Forks!

Description: Let’s make some beautiful flower crafts! Grab some paint, paper, paintbrushes, a cup of water and a fork to join along.

DIY Beaded Jewelry

Description: Let’s get creative! Join us in making some fun DIY jewelry with items you can find around your home. Grab some string and beads to join along!

Fall Crafts

Fall is here and the leaves are changing colours! Let’s make two fun fall crafts with some common supplies around your home. After we are done, you can use them to decorate!

Drawing Animals

Description: Watch this video to learn how to draw three simple animals! Follow along as you learn the steps to draw a puppy, pig and giraffe. There’s also a fun story included!

Snowman Name Craft

Description: Winter is coming and so is the snow! Let’s make a fun snowman craft using the letters of our name! Grab some coloured paper, markers, glue and scissors to make this craft. Remember that adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Snowflake Craft

Winter is here! How exciting! Today you will learn how to create a winter snowflake craft. You can use it as a decoration or even give to someone as a present. To follow along grab some paper, glue, markers and string! Remember that adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Penguin Craft

The weather outside is cold so let’s make a fun penguin craft inside! This video shows you how to make a penguin craft using common materials around your home. Grab some coloured paper, glue, markers and a circle water bottle to make your own penguin! Remember that adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

DIY Shaker and Holiday Song

In this video, you will learn how to make a fun DIY shaker craft with common materials you can find around your house. Join us after you make your shaker to help sing a holiday song!

Holiday Light Craft

This video shows you how to make a holiday light craft using coloured paper. When your lights are done you can use the craft to decorate your house! Remember adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Reindeer Crafts: Part 1

This video shares two fun reindeer crafts for you to make at home this holiday season: a reindeer puppet and a reindeer headband! Stay tuned for part two! Remember adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Reindeer Crafts: Part 2

Welcome to part two of reindeer crafts! In this video, you will learn how to make a springy reindeer craft. Join us after with your completed crafts to sing a holiday song! Remember adult supervision is always required when using scissors.

Ballerina Craft

Description: Let’s create a beautiful ballerina! Grab some glue, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and a plastic flower to follow along and make this craft.

Music and Dancing

Sing Along With Us: Part 1

Description: It’s song time at Oak Ridges! Learn various ways to sing your ABC’s, and practice counting with our speckled frogs and little ducks.

Sing Along With Us: Part 2

Description: It’s song time again at Oak Ridges! Sing and move along to favourites, such as BINGO, Old MacDonald, and Wheels on the Bus.

Dance Along With Us

Description: Let’s get silly! I’m going to teach you some simple dance moves to wiggle to at home. The whole family can join in!

Ants Go Marching

Description: Come sing with us while we count the number of ants that are marching together. Get ready to see them marching one by one!

Sing and Dance With Us

Description: It’s time to move our bodies! Join us while we sing and dance Hokey Pokey, Peel Bananas, and the Swimming Pool song.

Let’s Sing Camp Songs

Description: Let’s gather around in a big circle and sing some camp songs! These songs are repeat after me so the whole family can join in. Get ready to have some fun!

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Join us for a fun sing-a-long! Get ready to move your body while we sing head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Roly Poly Song

Stand up and follow along as we sing the Roly Poly song. Once you learn the moves, you can share the song with your family!

Follow Along With Us!

Circle Time at Oak Ridges: Part 1

Description: Take a ride on the hello train through the different activities shared at our Oak Ridges ABA site! This circle time includes a fun jingle and an interactive way to learn your ABC’s. Our friend, Ellie the Elephant, joins us to share feelings, ways to stay safe during the pandemic, and how to have fun while at home!

Circle Time at Oak Ridges: Part 2

Description: Join the ABA Oak Ridges team for another fun circle time! Sing the Hello Song with us, show us your imitation skills with Simon Says, and learn your animals and their sounds with Old McDonald. The team shares an interactive video on how to make Playdough! Stay safe during this time and enjoy this video over and over at home!

Yoga for Kids

Description: Join the Oak Ridges team as we learn yoga! Clear some space, grab your mat and follow along with these nature-inspired moves.

Workout Fun For Kids

Description: Are you full of extra energy? Watch this video for a quick workout to stretch those muscles and bring up that heart rate!

Yoga and Mindfulness

Description: Let’s exercise our brains as well as our bodies! In this video, we are doing some light yoga and mindfulness exercises. Find a comfortable space to stretch into some fun animal poses!

Jokes With Friends

Description: Let’s laugh till our bellies hurt! We’re telling some fun jokes to keep you smiling on this wonderful day.

How to Make a Fruit Parfait

Description: Are you looking for the perfect summer snack? Grab a cup, your favourite yogurt and fruit because today you will learn how to make a delicious and healthy fruit parfait! Remember to always ask an adult for help when using a knife.

How to Tie Shoes

Let’s tie our shoes together! Learn the steps to tying your shoelaces so you can dance and play all day in your favourite shoes.

What Comes Next!

Description: In this video, we will practice sequencing different scenarios! Join us and follow the picture cards on the screen. Help us order each scenario by picking what comes next!

Scavenger Hunt

Description: Let’s play a fun game of scavenger hunt. Ask your parents to help you make a list of items to find around your house so you can play at home!

How to Draw Plants

This videos shares three ways you can draw plants. Grab some paper and coloured markers while you learn a few plant drawings.

How to Do Your Laundry: Part 1

Do you have a pile of stinky clothes collecting in your bedroom? Here is a quick video on how to do your laundry. Remember that adult supervision is always required when doing laundry. Hope this is helpful and keep an eye out for Part 2!

How to Do Your Laundry: Part 1

Welcome back to part two of our how to do your laundry series! Last episode we learned how to wash our clothes. In this episode, we are going to learn how to dry our clothes! Remember that adult supervision is always required when doing laundry.

French Videos

Le temps de cercle chez Alden. (Circle Time at Alden)

Description: Join us for Franco-Fun circle time at Alden. Explore primary colours and emotions with Sara! Have fun guessing the emotions and the colours in our activities. Practice your imitation by following along with relaxing breathing exercises.

Le temps de cercle chez Alden.
Venez nous rejoindre pour le temps de cercle Franco-Fun chez Alden! Explorez les couleurs primaires et les émotions avec Sara! Amusez-vous en devinant les émotions et les couleurs dans nos exercises. Pratiquez vos talents d’imitation en apprenant à prendre des respirations relaxantes pour vous détendre.

Temps en Groupe – Français (French Circle Time)

Bienvenue a Kinark Kreates! Aujourd’hui nous allons parler à propos des jours de la semaine et les mois de l’année. Nous allons chanter des chasons à propos du froid et la neige!

English Description: Welcome to Kinark Kreates! Today we are going to talk about the days of the week and the months of the year! We will sing songs about the cold weather and the snow!

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