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Parent and Caregiver Education

Kinark Autism Services offers a variety of telehealth education opportunities on a wide range of topics for parents and caregivers of children and youth with autism.

Parent Education Workshops

The Summer 2020 workshops will be delivered virtually via our WebEx video conferencing platform. Specific instructions will be emailed to registered participants prior to the session.

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and clinicians have many years of experience training and coaching parents, caregivers, and other professionals using evidence-based practices.

Summer 2020 workshops just added! This Summer all workshops are free of charge!

Workshop topics:

Let’s add to your managing challenging behaviours toolkit! This workshop will review the basics of behaviour and answer questions such as how to define behaviour, what are the functions of behaviour, and how to begin to collect data. Utilizing a hands-on approach, you will learn how to identify behaviours that you want to change, the power of reinforcement, and how to develop a plan to increase or decrease these behaviours. You will leave this workshop with a variety of tips and strategies to feel confident in beginning to address challenging behaviours and have the tools necessary to attend Part 2.

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Let’s continue to add to your managing challenging behaviours toolkit! Following a brief review of the content discussed in Part 1, you will learn different ways to collect information that will shed light on when and why a child is engaging in challenging behaviours. You will also learn about the common reasons why a child engages in challenging behaviour and how to develop a plan to change behaviours based on those reasons. You will leave this workshop with a variety of practical strategies to address challenging behaviour as well as an understanding of when and how to seek additional support.

*Please note that this workshop is the second part of a two-part series. It is strongly recommended that you have attended Managing Meltdowns and More Part 1 prior to attending Part 2.*

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Do you have a child in the school system or who is just about to start school? This session will teach you how to build and sustain a successful partnership with your child’s school team. Our clinicians have extensive knowledge in collaborating with school board staff and they will cover important milestones in your child’s school journey from beginning school to considerations when changing grades. This session will introduce concepts, policies, and strategies relevant for you to advocate successfully for your child with special needs in the school system, while at the same time promoting a positive and collaborative relationship with the school team. Participation is encouraged during group activities and through sharing common experiences.

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We all thrive on routine. Children with autism do especially well with predictability and repetition. But what happens when your child’s regular routine is disrupted? This workshop will teach you how to establish a healthy routine at home with your child or children and how to manage disruptions. You will learn the importance of establishing predictable day-to-day routines as well as how to help your child adapt to changes in routine. You will walk through and take home several ABA-based tools that will help you create structure at home such as a first-then board, visual schedule template, choice board, table-top activities, and more.

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