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The Behaviour Series: After Behaviour

After Behaviour: Responding Intentionally and Effectively to Behaviour focuses on the things that caregivers can do after both valuable skills and challenging behaviour to make it more likely that the child will display those valuable skills that they possess and make it less likely the child will rely on challenging behaviour to get their needs […]

Let’s Talk About ASD

Do you want to learn more about autism? Join us for Let’s Talk about ASD. In this session we will discuss autism, some early signs and risk factors, and describe how ASD is diagnosed to help you better understand your child’s diagnosis. We will review some cognitive differences in individuals with ASD, including challenges with […]

Ask a BCBA

Parents and caregivers of children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may experience challenges navigating all the available supports and services for their child.  Come and chat with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) to learn more about treatment areas and scope of practice within the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). This session […]

The Behaviour Series: Before Behaviour

The Behaviour Series is made up of three independent but related workshops where caregivers learn ways to support their child before, during and after displaying challenging behaviour. This session focuses on setting your child up for success by sharing ways that caregivers can prepare their child before potentially challenging situations to help limit challenging behaviour. […]

Introduction to Toilet Training

Toilet training can be a challenge for anyone! This session will cover what you need to know prior to starting toilet training for your child and set you up to be successful. This workshop will discuss key prerequisite skills and important considerations before starting a toilet training program. You will learn how to decide when […]

Transition to High School

The transition to High School workshop is tailored to prepare families with helpful information and tips to help decrease some of the stress and anxiety related to this significant milestone. In this workshop, we build awareness to support a successful transition including ways to familiarize your child to the new school, prepare you for school […]

Supporting Your Child’s Special Education Placement and the IPRC

The Ontario Ministry of Education recognizes that students develop and learn in different ways and that some children will require special education programs. The Education Act requires school boards to provide special education programs for children who need them. The IPRC process is the pathway to ensuring proper placements and levels of support are secured […]

Skills for Successful Group Participation

When we enroll our children in social skill groups, school, and various community programs, we want to ensure they have the pre-requisite skills they need in order to be able to learn in these environments. We want them to benefit from what is being taught and these experiences. There are so many skills that a […]

Sensory Processing and Regulation

Many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder process sensory information (i.e., information coming in through your vision, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching senses), from the world around them differently from others. This workshop, led by an Occupational Therapist, will explore more about the sensory system, how it affects people with ASD every day, and how to […]

Picking Apart Picky Eating

In this companion part of our Let’s Eat series, our Occupational Therapist will guide you through exploring the environmental, motor and sensory factors that impact eating and provide practical strategies to improve your child’s tolerance of a variety of foods using a gradual, sensory-based approach. Topics covered include: pre-requisite skills for eating, establishing positive mealtime […]

Poser Vos Questions à Nos Consultantes

Les parents, les soignants, et les tuteurs d’enfants ayant un diagnostic de trouble du spectre de l’autisme (TSA) peuvent avoir des difficultés ou des questions à naviguer dans tous les soutiens et services disponibles et avec le placement scolaire de leur enfant. Venez discuter avec une analyste du comportement certifiée (BCBA) ainsi qu’avec d’autres parents, […]

Let’s Eat: Supporting Healthy Eating Habits

We all know how challenging a picky eater can be, but did you know there are Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) strategies that can help? You will become more familiar with the importance of good eating habits, issues common to picky eaters, and factors that may influence them, how to increase healthy eating routines, and ways […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Executive Functioning

Many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience challenges with executive functions, including, focus, inhibition, memory, emotion, and planning. Executive functions underlie many life skills and behaviours that are used in daily activities both at home and school. This ranges from simple activities, such as following one-step instructions, to more complex activities, such as preparing a […]

A Parent’s Guide to Bullying

Bullying is pervasive in Canadian schools and communities. Unfortunately, research indicates that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are at a much greater risk of being bullied than their typically developing peers. This workshop engages parents of children with ASD who may be concerned about their children being bullied or perpetuating bullying in the presence […]

Transition to Kindergarten

Wondering how to support your child’s transition to kindergarten? This workshop is tailored to prepare families for this significant milestone with helpful information and tips. In this workshop you will learn about steps to prepare your child for school, effective communication with the school, visual supports, and more!

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