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5 Ways to Celebrate World Autism Day

Every year on April 2, World Autism Day is observed to raise awareness, acceptance, and promote inclusivity of individuals with autism. It’s a day to celebrate the unique strengths and talents of people on the autism spectrum and to advocate for a more inclusive society. If you are wondering how you can participate and make a difference, here are five meaningful ways to celebrate World Autism Day. 

  1. Support autism-friendly businesses. 

One way to celebrate World Autism Day is by supporting businesses that are autism friendly. These businesses create inclusive environments and employment opportunities for individuals with autism. By choosing to spend your money at these establishments, you are not only showing support, you’re also contributing to a more inclusive economy! 

Kinark has partnered with Jays Care Foundation, Scholastic, Silent Voice Canada, Ripley’s Aquarium, and more! These organizations promote inclusivity, and in some cases, offer sensory-friendly events and experiences for individuals with autism and their families. 

2. Learn more about autism.  

Education is key to understanding and supporting autistic individuals. Take the time to educate yourself about autism, its characteristics, and the challenges individuals on the spectrum may face. There are plenty of educational resources available with information on autism, and how you can provide support, and help to create safe spaces. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to promote understanding and acceptance.  

Kinark Autism Services offers ample information and resources on living with autism, early signs, tips for the newly diagnosed, and free workshops and training sessions for families, parents, and caregivers. 

Check out Kinark Kreates, a series of engaging and educational videos created to support child and youth development and provide a fun and interactive experience! 

3. Provide support for the community. 

Communication plays a significant role in supporting individuals with autism, so using clear and direct language, maintaining consistency in routines, and providing visual aids can be beneficial. Creating sensory-friendly spaces with minimal distractions can help regulate sensory sensitivities. Think about how you can create these spaces in your everyday life – places like work, school, the playground, in the car, or on transit. Showing empathy, patience, and acceptance while embracing neurodiversity is fundamental in supporting individuals with autism to thrive in our communities. 

4. Engage with content from autistic creators. 

Take the opportunity to listen to and engage with content created by individuals on the autism spectrum. This could include reading blogs, watching videos, or listening to podcasts where individuals with autism share their experiences, insights, and perspectives.  

  • Purple Ella is a content creator, and autism and ADHD advocate. She creates videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram on topics that include masking, managing a new diagnosis, coping with grief, recovering from anxiety, and more. 
  • Morgan Harper Nichols is an acclaimed artist, poet, and author whose work touches hearts worldwide. Her journey with autism highlights the power of art as a medium for expression and connection.  
  • Daniel Jones is an autism and ADHD content creator and author, helping people with autism by providing life tips and hacks. 
  • Haley Moss is an attorney, author, speaker, educator, and autism advocate. She was diagnosed with autism at 3 years-old and is now a leader in disability inclusion, autism, and neurodiversity in the workplace. 

5. Spread awareness and share resources.  

Using your new knowledge on autism, spread awareness within your community and on your platforms. Share informative posts on social media, participate in discussions, and encourage others to learn more about autism as well. Follow @KinarkAutismServices on Instagram for tips on how to support kids with communication, social skills, other daily tasks and more! 

Kinark Autism Services offers several free Foundational Family Services that provide valuable information, resources, and support for children and youth with autism and their families. 

These services include “Social Time,” a fun and interactive way for families, teens, caregivers, and kids to connect virtually, discuss ongoing events or participate in different activities and crafts! Learn more about Social Time. 

Kinark also offers a variety of educational opportunities on a wide range of topics for parents and caregivers of children and youth with autism. These free workshops cover topics such as toilet training, behavioural skills training, and sexual health, to name a few. Learn more about Parent & Caregiver Education. 

If these services may not benefit you directly, share them with your community! You never know who may appreciate transition support, resource kits, information and resource sessions, or service navigation and coordination. 

World Autism Day is an opportunity to celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and advocate for inclusion. By supporting autism-friendly businesses, educating yourself and others, providing support, engaging with autistic voices, spreading awareness, and sharing resources, you can contribute to a more inclusive and supportive world for individuals with autism.  

Let’s celebrate World Autism Day by embracing diversity and fostering acceptance and inclusion in our communities. 

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